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Welcome to the project pages! The task at hand is as follows:


This Wikispaces site will serve as the platform on which each partner is intended to contribute information on the topic "Empire and colonies vs. being occupied" for the project visit to Finland. To give an example: in Finland's case, that would be the Swedes & Russians taking turns occupying us. Or in Scotland's case, the English - but also being part of the British Empire. Etc etc. The idea is to construct an info site focusing on these questions:

  • were you colonized (by whom? when?) or a colonial power?
  • what were the important changes/events/etc. (in terms of shaping your nation) during the era when you were under someone else's rule/a colonial power?
  • how does the past of being being colonized/being a colonial power show in the present?
  • how has this all affected our relations to our neighbouring countries?

Each country will decide its own time frame and scope on investigation (more of that in the Word document under heading "Task 2 ..."). For instance, in Finland's case, we'll be focusing on being part of Sweden - and later Russia, as an autonomous grand duchy - and its relevance in shaping Finland; what we benefited from it and what it caused; why is this historical context important when discussing our attitudes towards our neighbours.

Lots of interesting questions should arise when studying & discussing the topic and the country's past, even before actually starting the work in Wikispaces.

Therefore, the structure of the outcome is as follows:

Task 1: A Powerpoint presentation, to be presented in Finland during the project visit

During the actual project visit to Finland on 1st - 6th February, 2013, each country will briefly introduce the start of their work process by telling

a) how they started the work of "digging" into their country's past
b) what the students initially recognized as important issues of their country's past when considering the abovementioned questions
c) how they plan to proceed with the construction of the Wikispaces project page

Thus, this presentation serves both as a reflective introduction to the task at hand and also as a sort of forum for ideas. The length of the presentation need not be long, perhaps ca. 5 slides.

In addition to the presentations, they will be discussed and work groups with members from each individual country will be formed in Finland to swap ideas concerning the project/project page (rationale behind this is that even though, for instance, Finnish students aren't probably experts in German history, they can offer new insights through the eyes of laymen, give tips on how to structure the page, where to find information & what to include etc.).

The Powerpoints will be uploaded to this Wiki by team Finland.

Task 2: The construction of the project page, to be finished by May 15th, 2013

Of course, the final shape of the pages will probably emerge gradually as you - the students and your mentoring teacher - "dig in" deeper into your nation's past. The individual country pages should be constructed to provide the reader with information of the nation's past, each country deciding its own time frame, key issues and the form & shape of its individual page. This is to prevent mere copy/pasting and encourage the students to do critical thinking and study the nation's history.

Concerning the structure of the project page and ideas for the contents, see these documents:

Task 3: The ongoing feedback/laymen expert contribution, to be completed by May 15th, 2013

As soon as possible, once the work on the project pages commences, the coordinators will choose the "laymen experts". They will be students who will be assigned to different project countries (except their own country, of course) to study the project pages and give individual feedback as the work procees. Here are the guidelines for what to look for/comment on:

  • can you get a good overall view of the topic?
  • is there anything that strikes you as particularly surprising about the country's past?
  • anything similar between your own country and the other country's past?
  • what do you learn of the attitudes towards other nations?
  • is there anything that seems to be common between us all?

Thus, the idea is not to create an overall assessment of the page & its contents & layout & information value, but rather look it from the perspective of what was new & what seems to be the common ground (if any). The idea is to give ongoing feedback: ask questions, answer those posed to you, bring up issues you consider worthwhile mentioning etc. etc.

The experts: write these on the project page you have been assigned to by using a different-coloured font. This way your contribution will be distinguishable. Your comments can be either at the end of the page or after the point in question, it doesn't matter. What matters is the ongoing feedback.


1. Here is the link to the page where you will find the Powerpoints prepared for task 1 and also team work (based on the PPs, carried out during the visit to Finland)

2. Below are the individual pages for each project country for task 2

1. Estonia
2. Finland
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. Scotland
6. Spain


And here are some more important pages! On these, you'll find (almost) all the necessary information needed to start & proceed with your project. :-)

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