A) This page is meant to provide quick help with problems related to the editing process. If you have problems with the contents, consult your teacher.

B) First of all, start by checking this page out

If you can't find the answer to your problem there, then post your question here! I'll try to answer the possible questions at least once a week (usually on Sunday evenings), probably even more frequently.

C) However, since the key idea in Wikispaces is collective support, all the students & teachers are encouraged to help & support each other. Thus, even if you don't have a problem yourself, check out this page every once in a while to see if you can help out a fellow student in trouble.

D) Quick guidelines how to proceed:

1. The person with the questions: remember to include the following information after the question

- who are you (your username - I can see it anyway, but it'll work quicker this way)?
- when was the question posted (date)?
- what is the problem (be as specific as possible)?

E.g. like this: "Student X, December 11: how can I change the size of the Youtube -video I want to insert to my page?"

2. The person answering: when you answer someone else's question, do so with a different coloured font for the sake for readability!
3. NB! When you receive the answer you've been looking for, mention this on the same line with your original question ("Problem solved, student X")! This way we can avoid pondering on a question that no longer requires an answer.

4. All the questions & answers remain visible so remember to check them (after the Help pages, of course) before posting your own question - you might find the solution to your problem straight away.

Questions and problems: list them below!